DNS over HTTPS (DoH) Servers

I recently conducted some research into DNS over HTTPS (DoH) that is documented here. When it came to identifying any publically available DoH servers available on the Internet I found the best resource to be the curl wiki page to be the best place to start and is probably the most well maintained resource.

I found a few more so I have merged them into the below list and also put together a simple script to do a test GET query against each resolver.

Below is the list of potential endpoints:

  • dns.google.com
  • cloudflare-dns.com
  • mozilla.cloudflare-dns.com
  • dns9.quad9.net
  • dns10.quad9.net
  • dns.quad9.net
  • doh.cleanbrowsing.org
  • dns.dnsoverhttps.net
  • doh.crypto.sx
  • doh.powerdns.org
  • doh.securedns.eu
  • doh.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
  • doh.eieidns.com
  • doh.blahdns.com
  • doh.de.blahdns.com
  • doh.defaultroutes.de
  • doh.bugdns.com
  • doh.datt.pw
  • doh.ntu.ssooss.win
  • dns.dnsoverhttps.net
  • dns.dns-over-https.com
  • dns.rubyfish.cn
  • doh.qis.io
  • public.dns.iij.jp
  • dns.nextdns.io
  • dns.switch.ch
  • jp.tiar.app

The test script is available at the below URL: https://gist.github.com/dtmsecurity/a849e985e6a0b61aeb54890ebcfa55eb

If you run the script you will see that a small number resolvers do not support GET style queries.

For informational and educational purposes only.

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