Code execution via the Windows Update client (wuauclt)

Code execution via the Windows Update client (wuauclt)

Its been a few months since my last post about uploading and downloading data with certreq.exe as a potential alternative to certutil.exe in LOLBIN land. I've been having a blast starting my new role in the MDSec ActiveBreach team.

Today I wanted to share something a little more juicy. Enter the 'WSUS Useful Client' as they describe here. The Windows Update client (wuauclt.exe) is a bit elusive with only small number of Microsoft articles about it [1] [2] and these articles do not seem to document all of the available command line options.

This binary lives here:


I discovered (When I get a chance I will be sharing further details of the methodology I used to find this on a blog post @MDSecLabs) you can gain code execution by specifying an arbitrary DLL with the following command line options on the test Windows 10 systems I tried:

wuauclt.exe /UpdateDeploymentProvider <Full_Path_To_DLL> /RunHandlerComServer

There's some fantastic work already in the community for raising the awareness of LOLBINs and for sharing new candidates and their capabilities with the excellent LOLBAS project. I have made the following pull request to this project:

Create Wuauclt.yml by dtmsecurity · Pull Request #99 · LOLBAS-Project/LOLBAS

After discovering this LOLBIN independently some brief searching highlighted a sample on Joe Sandbox leveraging it in the wild:

Automated Malware Analysis Report for - Generated by Joe Sandbox
Automated Malware Analysis - Joe Sandbox Analysis Report

Finally, come and hang out at the RedTeamSec Discord here. It's been great to see this community grow over the past few months, with some great content being shared.

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